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Rules Forum Rules and Guidelines.

Discussion in 'Help' started by Tau, Aug 18, 2016.

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    Before you start Posting/Using this forum (To avoid a forum ban/in-game punishment) I'd like to you read these rules, They may just save you from a lot of trouble in the future...

    Please note: Staff members reserve the right to punish users using common sense, Just try to be sensible.

    Rules are governed by level (lvl) see more about this at the bottom of the page.

    1; Lvl 1-5 : Use of common sense, This is important, and if you don't have it, please don't post on our forum, for more info on what common sense is, please click on This link...
    2; Lvl 4-5 : Posting of inappropriate content, In general, this forum is for the age group of 10 years and up, and content should be limited to that age group, i feel like there shouldn't need to be examples of this, however, if you feel you need them please click This.
    3; Lvl 5-5 : Using our site as a platform for advertising products is strictly prohibited, doing so will result in a Forum Ban, Forum IP-Ban and an InGame Ip-Ban
    4; Lvl 1-3 : Spam Posting, To clarify, Please use common sense, just because you're thread/post is relevant in some way doesn't mean you won't be punished for it, just try to post with a little bit of a delay in between posts/threads.
    5; Lvl 2-5 : Abuse/Harassment Please don't intentionally try to upset or grief our users is any way, Once again, common sense applies here.
    6; Lvl 1-4 : Please keep trolling to a minimum, it may be all good fun to troll something or someone once in awhile (Making sure you don't actually do harm) But while it may be all good fun at first, it can get tiring for everyone very quickly.
    7; Lvl 1-5 : Reporting staff for something they didn't do wrong, here's an example: User-Jonny posts a semi-offencive post, Staff-Harami Replies by warning the user, Jonny reports Harami for "staff-abuse", Only report staff if they ACTUALLY did something wrong, keep in mind, i'm not talking about mistakes, everyone makes them, if you've been treated improperly (Being banned for a minor offence) Please take it up with them.
    8; Lvl 1-3 : Bumping, Please do not intentionally post on really old or already Answered/Considered threads, This falls under spam in some cases, however not all.
    9; Lvl 1-3 : Do not attempt to cause trouble on our forums/server, this means trying to ster other users or otherwise.
    10; Lvl 4-5 : Do not try to SNIPE other users, this basically means, don't try to get someone banned for committing a minor offence, and or try to frame someone, this also includes forging evidence against someone.

    If someone's monthly warning points is above 5 the severity if the Lvl can increase.
    Lvl 1, a minor offence, likely a written warning to 1/2 warning points.
    Lvl 2, a written warning to 3/5 warning points, or any of the above.
    Lvl 3, 3/5 warning points, In-Game Punishment (2 day tempban, mute, or any of the above.
    Lvl 4, a permanent ban forum ban, or any of the above.
    Lvl 5, a permanent ban, and or IP ban.

    Have Fun, Play safe.

    - Tau ~~
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